January 31st, 2014

Meet BRHS's International Students



Hello! My name is Olivia and I am from Valencia, Spain. I have come to the United States for my sophomore year to learn English and make new friends… This year I am involved in soccer and basketball and in the spring I would like to do track and softball.

I like my host family, they are very nice to me. I also like American food and my friends. I enjoy going to the YMCA and this school is very nice to me. My plans are to return to Spain to my family and finish high school.  I do plan to go to college. This experience has helped me with my English so that I can find a better job in Spain. Thank you to everyone for being so nice!  






Hi, my name is Javier, I live in Seville, Spain. I am 16 years old. This year at BRHS I played football and basketball and hopefully 

baseball. I am in the Junior class. After school, I go to the YMCA to play basketball with my friends.  I also enjoy swimming at the Y.  I usually have basketball practice after dinner. Sometimes I enjoy playing in the snow because there is no snow in my city. I like the cookies at school and the food here in America.  I am much stronger than before because of   Mr. Dionne’s class.

Now I have more friends than before, because now I know more people and the people know more about me. My friends always invite me to go with them when they do something fun. I am enjoying my year here at Boothbay Region High School.





 Hello! My name is Xue Haowen. You can just call my English name, Zack.  As many of you may know, I come from Shanghai, a big city in east of China. This has been my second year  to study in the U.S.  And, it’s also my first time coming to Boothbay, the beautiful town on the east coast. Although I have just stayed here for four months, I have already loved  this town, the people, and the beauty of the environment.

  In my mind, I still vividly remember the first day when I came to Boothbay Region High School. With a little bit nervousness and worry, I met the teachers and other freshmen. The principal, Mr. Welch, was very nice and took me and other international students around the school to meet every teacher. When he took us across the road, he introduced the YMCA to us. I was kind of confused about what the YMCA was.  When I walked inside, I was surprised that we have such a wonderful place to hang out with friends and families. The YMCA has all kinds of facilities for us to use, like the swimming pool, the weight room, the tennis courts and so on. After I signed up for the membership, I was told I can come here after school, and there would be a lot of students. I was really excited about that.

  At school, I also met many troubles about my schoolworks. Mrs. Erhard, the ESL Advisor, is very kind and warmhearted. She helps me practice my presentations, preview my essays and answers my confusion and questions, though I’m not in her ESL class.  In winter, we get far more snow than I have ever seen before. I need to take this advantage, so I joined the school skiing team. Mrs. Higgins, also my Engineering teacher, is the coach who teaches me a lot about skiing. As a person who has never skied before, I had to learn every single movement. With some of my skating experience, I gradually knew how perform classic skiing and skate skiing. Thanks to the help from my coach and my teammates. 

   In the home, I have a lot fun with my host family. We watch movies together, go on treasure hunts, watch football games and so on. I had a hard time learning about football, although I had been in the US for a while. My host dad explained  the game to me in detail. I also learned many life experiences in the home.

   Anyway, I really love this place and I enjoy studying and living here!

Hello, my name is Vicente Haro. I am from Spain and I came to the United States to learn more English and to live a new experience. I live in Madrid, in the metropolitan area in a city named Alcobendas. In Spain I enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.  I also like to watch soccer games of my team, Real Madrid. Here in Boothbay I am studying in a new environment with new people in a different culture. I am also doing sports. During this last fall season I played football, now I am doing swimming and I will probably do tennis for the spring season. When I go back to Spain I will finish high school and I will go to college. I like BRHS and I invite you to come and enjoy my country like I am doing.

January 30th, 2014

Pertussis Notice CSD 3


The Boothbay Region Schools have been notified of a recent case of Pertussis in our school community. We have consulted the regional epidemiologist for information and they have provided the following information. Please feel free to contact Lori Grinnell, School Nurse at 633-9814 or the Maine Center for Disease Control at www.mainecdc.org.



January 28th, 2014

Camp Kieve's Vacation Adventure


Registration is now open for the 6th annual school vacation adventure camp at Kieve-Wavus. This February 17-21, children ages 5-14 are invited to join the Leadership School staff for an adventure- filled day camp.

The camp takes full advantage of the facilities and surroundings that Camp Kieve, located on Damariscotta Lake, has to offer. We will be hoping for snow so we can enjoy a full array of outdoor winter activities, such as snowshoeing, nature walks and winter sports. When campers need to warm up, we will move indoors for rock climbing and high ropes challenges in the Buck building, relax by the fire in Innisfree, play games in Pasquaney or do craft projects in the Art Center.

More information and registration material is available at www.kieve.org/leadership or by calling Jess at (207) 563-6212 ext. 28. 

January 28th, 2014

IJ Pinkham Recognized


Vote to Recognize IJ Pinkham

Congratulations to Boothbay Region High School's varsity boys basketball coach IJ Pinkham for being voted the best boys basketball coach in Maine in a poll put out by the USA Today.  Coach Pinkham advanced to the regional round where he is currently tied with a coach from Hartford CT.  The regional vote ends in less than two days.  If you would like to vote for Coach Pinkham, you can do so at http://contest.usatodayhss.com/vote/bball-coach-2014/round-2/r1

January 27th, 2014

BRES Math Club


by Mark Tess

Boothbay Region’s Middle School Math Club walked away from Saturday’s regional meet with a trophy and a chance to compete in the upcoming State Meet.
        Mathletes Ciara Pitcher, Ellie Hilscher, Nick Morley, Bayly Gaughan-Carrusco, Will Perkins, Max Hoecker, Loren Genrich and Rick Hilscher represented Boothbay at Kennebec Community College, solving a tough array of problems. A 30-question sprint round (no calculators allowed) was followed by an 8-question target round (two questions handed out every 6 minutes), and a 10-question team round (where collaboration was encouraged). Finally there was a countdown round for the top ten scorers at the meet; two students facing off with 45 seconds to solve a problem, buzz in, and give their answer in front of a crowded auditorium.
        Boothbay’s Rick Hilscher ranked 7th in the top ten scorers in the Alpha Chapter competition, earning him a place in the state meet and a seat at the grueling countdown round.
        Boothbay’s 4-member official school team at the competition also scored well. Sixth grader Will Perkins, 7th grader Loren Genrich, and 8th graders Max Hoecker and Rick Hilscher -- came in fourth place and have a chance to compete at the state meet later this spring. The competition average score was 12.1; our team earned 22.25 points. Only the top 4 teams at the meet continue on to states.
        Congratulations Math Club! Well done!

January 22nd, 2014

BRES Math Counts Team

On Saturday, January 25th, 2014 the following Mathletes will compete in a regional math meet at the Kennebec Valley Community College in Waterville.
Rick Hilscher                         
Bayly Gaughan-Curasco                      
Ellie Hilscher                 
Jay Hasch                   
Will Berry
Loren Genrich
Will Perkins
Faith Blethen
Ciara Pitcher
Max Hoecker

All students are members of the BRES Math Counts team.  I order to qualify for the meet, students had to complete a minimum of two math problems within a thirty minute time frame.

January 21st, 2014

National Wear Red Day


Edgecomb Eddy School

National Wear Red Day

Friday, Feb. 7, 2014

At Edgecomb Eddy, we’re kicking off a month of heart healthy education by participating in the National Wear Red Day, sponsored by the American Heart Association. Anyone wishing to participate may wear red on this day and, if able, may participate in a collection we will be taking to support the American Heart Association. Any amount is welcome but, as always, is NOT necessary!

During this month, Mrs. Crocker, our school nurse, will be providing some cardiovascular education to our students (and staff). As well, we invite any students and community members who wish to start the day off right by jumping rope, to join us in the gym from 7:35-8 each school day. Remember, gym shoes are required, but jumping skills are not...we could always use adult rope swingers! Come once or come everyday!

Spread the word to family members and neighbors - this could be a great community event! The culminating activity will be a jumpathon (optional) to be held on Friday, March 7th. 

January 17th, 2014

Georgetown Responsive Classroom


Georgetown Central School embraces the responsive classroom approach. Pictured below are first grade students participating in the daily morning meeting. During this time each student greets one another, share experiences and review the expectations for the day. Creating community experiences for students fosters a since of belonging and positive self-worth.

January 14th, 2014



On March 1st, Mame Anthony and Sandy Wheeler will be taking a group of 15 seventh and eighth graders to UMO to test their science skills against other Maine Middle School Students. In January and February students will work collaboratively to prepare for scheduled events such as Crime Busters, Rotor Egg Drop, Disease Detectives and Dynamic Planet. On the day of the event, 2 students will represent the group, in 45-60 minute competitions, in as many of the 23 events that they can prepare for. The teachers are piloting this program to assess the benefits it will have on their grade level curriculum as they strive to challenge students and their interests in science.


For more information http://www.soinc.org

January 13th, 2014

Edgecomb Eddy Healthy Lifestyles Challenge


CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan Clark of grade 3 for being Edgecomb Eddy’s first student to meet the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Lifestyles Challenge. Ryan earned points each day in December by trying new fruits and vegetables, limiting screen time, not drinking sugar- sweetened drinks and participating in physical activity daily.

Way to go, Ryan!