April 23rd, 2014

Engineering at BRES


Debby Jones' 3rd grade students are undertaking an engineering unit in biomedical engineering.  Here they are designing knee braces to support injured athletes.

April 23rd, 2014

Egg Drop Challenge Edgecomb



 Mrs.  Garey  and  her  second  graders  have  been  learning  about  the  extraordinary  strength  of  an  egg;  it  all  began  with  the  reading  of  the  book  “An  Egg  is  Quiet”  by  Dianna  Aston  and  Sylvia  Long.  In  spite  of  the  thinness  of  an  egg  shell,  it  is  similar  in  shape  to  a  3-dimensional  arch  -  one  of  the  strongest  architectural  forms. 

 On  Friday,  many  of  the  second  graders  put  their  eggs  to  the  test.  Students  had  designed  and  constructed  their  own  packages  containing  a  raw  egg,  using  materials  like  feathers,  bubble  wrap,  newspaper,  cottonballs  and  cloth;  some  even  had  a  parachute!  Everyone  watched  anxiously  as  Jeff  dropped  each  container  from  the  roof  of  the  school.  Eighty  percent  of  the  eggs  survived  the  drop.  Below  are  pictures  of  some  students  determining  the  results  of  their  carefully-crafted  devices  meant  to  protect  the  egg.

 Other  “eggs-periments”  to  follow  this  week  will  include  egg-in-the-bottle,  is  it  raw  or  is  it  hard- boiled?,  and  removing  the  shells  from  a  raw  egg  without  cracking  it  activities.

 This  class  highly  recommends  reading  the  book  “An  Egg  is  Quiet”  and  then  coming  up  with  your  own  fun  “eggs-periments.”

April 8th, 2014

Georgetown Reading Program


Ms.Denbowpre-k teacher, reads to the third grade and her pre-k class. She read the chickadee award winners "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" and "Infinity and Me". Each grade is read the same stories and then they vote on their favorite chickadee award winning book after all the books have been read.

April 8th, 2014

Wildcat Roar BRES


The BRES 5/6 News Club has published their second issue of the Wildcat Roar.

You may download a copy here.

March 31st, 2014

Edgecomb Eddy Grade 1 Variety Show


Grade 1 recently had a variety show.

Here is Elisabeth showing off her musical skills.

March 24th, 2014

Edgecomb Eddy Geography Bee


Congratulations to the winner of our second-annual Geography Bee, Ava Carmolli of grade 5. Coming in a close second is Thatcher Steele-Maley, also a fifth grader. The bee was held for all fourth- sixth graders, and we were pleased to see how they handled some very challenging questions! Congratulations go out to all the participants! 


March 20th, 2014

PSA Winners from Boothbay


Congratulations to the Youth PSA Contest Winners!

Today is the 19th Annual Kick Butts Day and MYAN is celebrating by announcing the winners of our anti-tobacco PSA contest! Share these PSAs with the youth and adults in your community.

"Today is Kick Butts Day, when America's kids stand up to tobacco."


The three themes of the contest were:

 1.Why I Don’t Smoke: 82% of teens in Maine do not smoke. There are many reasons why you may choose not to smoke. Tell us why you don’t!

2.The Power of ME: Maine kids have power. Show big tobacco that youth are making a real change in this state, from policy to education.

3.The Other Effects: Many people know that smoking kills and it doesn’t stop them from doing it. But what else does smoking do to change your quality of life? Help smokers look at the problem from a different angle and reach people who haven’t heard the message yet.

 Winner: Boothbay Region Student Health Advisory Board 

Their PSA is a dynamic presentation fitting into the third category: The Other Effects. Their video combines attention-grabbing facts and information with moving stories about the effect tobacco has had on their lives and their families. Click link below to watch!

Boothbay Student Winning Submission


March 20th, 2014

Georgetown Students Skype with Authors


Second and third grade students also celebrated World Read Aloud Day by Skyping with authors.  Second graders enjoyed listening to Baby Penguins Everywhere! and Baby Penguins Love their Mama by Melissa Guion. Monica Carnesi read her story Little Dog Lost: the true story of a brave dog named Baltic to the third graders.  We loved meeting the authors and illustrator and hearing all about their life as a writer!

March 13th, 2014



And Now the Big Atlantic is Between Them Once Again

A Tearful Goodbye: The American Exchange Students were Guests for Two Weeks at the Deilich High School.

by Holger Schlegel

Bad Harzburg. A visit occurred during the last two weeks at the High School on the Deilich.  Nineteen boys and girls of the Boothbay Harbor Region High School from the Federal State of Maine were guests of their Bad Harzburger Friends, who have known each other since the year prior, when the Harzer students had crossed the big pond on a journey of their own.

The fourteen to eighteen-year-olds lived obviously in guest families.  They became acquainted with the ways of German school life, visited Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Goslar and Wernigerode and some were even invited, thanks to the good will of their host parents, to travel to Hamburg and even into the Ruhr Region.

The nearly forty-person group was led on the German side by Katrin Klaus and Tanja Heldt and on the American side by Taras Schkrioba. The end of the week meant farewell, the Americans had to leave and the tears began to flow.  The Exchange was not totally over with the heart warming farewell at the Bad Harzburg train station.  One student forgot his iPad in the car of his host family.  Short of hand, the family drove speedily after the train and met up with the student at a stop in Braunschweig on the way to Berlin. Now that is true friendship.

The contact between the two schools has now stood for over twenty years.  The next exchange is planned for 2016 and a German group will fly to America, the year after the Americans will visit the Harz once again.

March 12th, 2014

BRES Math Night

Come and join us for fun and games on March 19th during our K - 4 Math Night.  Activities will run from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Children and their parents will have opportunities to learn math together and have fun at the same time.

Mark J. Tess
Boothbay Region Elementary School